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Real Time Gun Detection

Our powerful AI detects guns and other threats. Protect people, buildings and public places.

The Next Layer of Security

3DTHEA is the next layer of security for video surveillance and a new generation for video analytics. Shield your premises against high impact threats such active shooter situations, robberies and other crimes.


Guns and


Our AI is trained to identify thousands of gun types, divided in 3 main categories: handguns, long guns and blades.

This module enables any video surveillance camera with IP capabilities and enhance it with the guns and threats detection module.


3D Deep


Unleash the power of the third dimension. 3D Deep Surveillance module uses state of the art algorithms to get 3D data your organization can turn it into value.

Unique 3D Human Signature


Tracking and trajectory

Service Robots

Our AI has the purpose to protect humans and other assets while keeping people's privacy. That's why our solutions are:

  • Powerful

  • Non Invasive

  • Private

  • Affordable

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