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Austin Texas, United States


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3D THEA is a human-centric AI solution that adds a disruptive and powerful layer of security . Using 3D data new possibilities of information are unleashed. As humans we perceive reality in three dimensions, so we took this principle and developed the algorithms to process and give feedback in real time while avoiding common "false positives" given by the 2D detection approach.

3D THEA provides not only automatic Human Detection but we UNIQUELY identify and tag each person based on their 3D physiognomy.  Privacy is the core value of our company that is why our methods are non invasive and we do not use facial recognition, store faces on a database or share any bio-metric information with third parties.

75% of business that were attacked or robbed with guns in 2018 already had CCTV cameras. This is a sad reality and the reason is that security staff has to look at all times to the CCTV feed in order to identify threats and therefore, to take action. The gun detection works for handguns, rifles, automatic and assault weapons and gives you critical minutes to stop the threat and to save lives. Ideal for airports, schools, malls and offices.

3D THEA help to identify other threats that can affect your business such as fights, falls,  kidnappings and even sexual assault. Plus, the system can be trained to detect other threats, defined by your business case. For example in a factory a threat can be to detect a worker without his security equipment or an employee entering a restricted area.

As we have mentioned 3D THEA uniquely tags each person and enables it to identify again any subject of interest in other room, floor or building connected to the system. This feature is key to the tracking system and provides valuable information about how people move in certain space or environment.

Keeping track in real time of customers, employees and visitors help organizations to strengthen their security but most importantly it helps them to build better spaces, learn more about how crowd dynamics, create better shopping experiences and to get the most value out of their marketing spaces. Get the complete trajectories of each person detected and turn that information into value.

Along with the software and the 3D cameras, 3D THEA can provide you with a service robot with autonomous navigation that can follow any "subject of interest"  to take closer footage of it or to trigger an onsite action such as an alarm or smoke bomb. The robot can be custom programmed to make routine security tours and other tasks.

Shield your business today,  gun and threat detection modules are available to any CCTV camera with ip broadcasting capabilities. BYOC (bring your own cctv)  and protect facilities, customers, employees and visitors with the same infrastructure you already have.

With our app you can receive notifications to it's timeline in real time including snapshots of the detection plus a link to the live video.